Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Red, Yellow, Blue.

I love good packaging for mass-produced consumer products. I noticed that Target often has really nice office accessories that go beyond what I call a "hip dorm room". If it fits in a dorm room - sweet, but color-coding an entire room down to your writing materials in one color is a little OCD. I might be wrong.

I found this journal set yesterday when I was trying to get something that is compact, well-designed and convenient for taking notes and storing information. I've been desperately trying to make the habit of writing things down stick, so lets hope this time it works. I love that the little books have a box/folder to fit them (no mess!) and are actually multi-purpose. One has a square grid, one has lines and one is blank. It also helps that the colors are my exact color palette. Here's the link to the store called russel+hazel that creates that line for Target. Some of the stuff on the site is a little "dorm-y" for my taste, but it's all well-designed and clean. Hurray for good design in people's daily lives!

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