Friday, April 15, 2011

The Olden Days.

Today I stumbled upon multiple CDs with old pictures on them. I saw pictures of times that seem to be so distant and yet so near. It's funny how you remember each exact moment in the picture: first snow, wearing a new jacket, first critique. There were pictures of people I've been close to at some point in life and don't stay in touch with. I found pictures of friends from only four years ago, but it seems like they changed incredibly. What surprised me was how many snapshots of myself I found. Not the staged, "I want to look pretty" kind, but very candid ones with teenage zits, smudged make-up and such. I also found pictures that would mean nothing to anyone in the world except myself like the ones where I have my hair straightened or new make-up. It was strange how much a quick shot of yourself remind you of the times when you were possibly less confident and maybe a bit naive, but when it was still a part of the person you are now.

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